food for flu

Recently I have caught a cold, I can tolerate the the running nose, the headache, and sour throat, but I just can not tolerate the loss of appetite. It is such a torture that when I wake up and find I DON’T WANT TO EAT ANYTHING!

It is also difficult to write anything about food with a poor appetite — no easier than writing a love letter to your enemy.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the best food for “wind cold” patients is water. It makes sense giving that the whole body is fighting a battle and the blood are concentrating to the lungs and nose, which means less blood in stomach for digestion. Therefore the empty of stomach will be prolonged and the appetite is suppressed accordingly. Also the food, which is treated as invasion by our body will worsen the inflammation symptom such as fever.

In western medicine however, it is suggested for the people having flu to have high protein food. The mechanism behind is that the warrior of our immune system are made of protein. The immune cells are made in large quantities when our body is under stress such as flu. So meals rich in protein (egg, meat, milk and legume) seem to help to recover the stock. Of course, they still need to be in a form easy to digest. So never think you must swallow chunks of steak when you catch a cold. Just listen to your gut, minced lean chicken in hot noodle soup would a better choice.

Finally, let me just tell you what I just had: fried egg with salami on Italian bread with a glass of cranberry juice. Is it something I SHOULD eat? No. Is it something I WANT TO eat? Neither. But since the restaurant is nearby with wifi it became my breakfast. Life is full of compromise but believe it is God’s wisdom higher than mine 😀



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