Reflections on Hacksaw Ridge

It has been 3 weeks since the movie was released but I think it worth the wait as I finally watch it at China with my parents.

It is special to me in many senses.

First it is introduced into China and screened at millions of local cinemas. It is quite rare given its strong religious background. In HK, I watch a lot of gospel movies at church in HK, a few at public cinema, but never at public cinema in China, thanks to the stringent censorship. Therefore, I feel really grateful when I realise it has been approved by GDZJ and praised the Lord when I saw the cinema was filled with young boys and girls who come to watch this movie at a high price (35 RMB in a city with average monthly income of 3k) on a weekday. I believe it is God who love China, these young people and my parents, of course 🙂

Secondly it not only shows Desmond love to his brothers, it also shows how Desmond was loved. I burst into tears when I saw Desmond’s father wore his WWI uniform to visit his comrade to beg for mercy for his son. He put down his pride, uncovered his most painful memory and gathered all his courage at the court just to save his beloved son. Dorothy, when the priest said ‘many man flinch at the last moment’, she said peacefully “many men would, but my Desmond will not”. Since that moment, I never worried anything would break they two because of her trust and understanding of her beloved fiancé. Needless to say his mother, beaten and almost killed by the drunken father, but never put seed of hate into her children. “Your father has never been like this before the war”. Thanks to their love and mercy, God shaped Desmond gradually.

Last but not least, it answered my prayer to hear God’s speaking to me better. At the end of the first fierce battle, Desmond, left alone on the cliff, asked in bitterness :”God, why you put me here? I cannot hear you. What do you want me to do?” Then he heard a cry : Help. At his weakest point, God respond him by showing him the people to serve, those only he could reach to. It is his saving them, but also God saving him through one, one and one more. He stood up, determined and burning again, and obeyed. I cried, deeply touched by his pure heart reaching for God and God’s love for His child.

Desmond has shown his comrade, the US, and everyone in the small cinema of a small city in China, sacrificial love is also a weapon, and the best weapon.


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