Recently I am attracted by a new thing to play – preparing lunch boxes and share with friends.

There is fun for sure, I also encountered many interesting questions which I hope to address here.

  • Q1: Is it good to eat frozen meal?

A: yes and no. By realizing we live in an imperfect world (okay…) we only make conditionally best decision. I hope I’d have time to cook every meal with fresh vegetables newly bought. This way the nutrition and taste at their climax. However, if you gonna choose from eating out and lunch box, there are other limitations and considerations, with which I should summarize that lunch box, cooked with certain types of fresh vegetables, with right amount and type of oil, flavored moderately, immediate frozen and consumed within a short period, it is better than a lighthearted dinning out. Following questions can be answered from the above conditions, from whether to how 🙂

  • Q2: How to choose the right type of vegetable for best taste and safety?
  • Q3: How to use oil to add flavor without burden?
  • Q4: How to maintain the freshness of your meal with refrigerator?

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