The first impression of Bavaria

  1. Visitor friendly: The friendly people when we asked about the train station, they listened tentatively
  2. Old but neat facility: The toilet is clean and the details are very smooth
  3. People free: the tea and coffee are freely served without any one “monitoring”, in the play area, we played on touch pad table with interesting games without other people; the breakfast are nicely displayed and there is only one waitress attended us.
  4. Free gift: the hotel not only changed our booking of twin room into a double room when hearing it is for our honey moon trip, but gave us two bottles of wine and a bottle of nuts as a hearty gift. The boss in wine house also gave us two glasses of wines for free when heard of this.
  5. WILLKOMMEN: when entering church, the door man friendly let us in. After the worship a lady, noticing us as foreigner, talked to us about Bach’s music.
  6. Joyful: the Christmas fair there are many local people waiting in queue to buy salsage and enjoying themselves. the old ladies in the wine house love to drink a glass for a cozy Sunday afternoon.

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