The days between jobs

I always thought I would live a “Normal” life, which means, to take the path many walking on. But in reflection I always see God has carefully arrange me on interesting roads. It is more like a Brownian motion than a road being so full of uncommon turns: Hometown –> Hong Kong –> Biochemistry –> Library –> Banking operation –> Banking risk –> Nutrition –> FRM –> Married –> Singapore –> _________

Just as I am ready to embrace a new job in this new city with my new husband (ok, the only one and will be the only one ahaha), the Pause button was hit. Even before arriving in here, I have started to monitor the opening in ALL international banks. But no matter how exact the job description fits me, there is hardly any interviews. I suddenly stoped the Brownian motion so the excess of kinetic energy with the pressure in the new environment and new role in life (wife) caused a lot of earthquakes, volcano explosion, etc.

Then I am forced to do something I failed to do last year — to study and prepare for the FRM exam. My husband has played an important role in this process — he encouraged me to study hard, caring my progress and revision strategy, and comforted me that I do not need to worry financially. Once he said, it maybe God’s timing that I finished the exam without disturbance then the job will start. And as time passed, I found myself regained the thirsty for knowledge and ability to sit still and study. Which might been missing for 10+ years.

Today is still one of the days between jobs but I am content and will continue to patiently trust Him for tomorrow.

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