Will I become the Book-keeper?

To construct the dream God has made for me.

Two months ago when I was still in HK, I applied for Facebook business integrity officer. It was like a dream — too beautiful to be true. Therefore I put it aside, applying all other “realistic” positions from banks which seem to be more relevant with my experience. But none blossom.  I felt disappointed and resentful for the rejections due to my foreigner’s identity.

The struggling came to an end right the day before my taking FRM exam, I have received a polite and pleasant email from Facebook, asking if I am interested for the business integrity role. It was like, during the past months, all my efforts of human, all my struggling out of my small little brain, are totally in vain. God has well kept the seed in a safe place, until spring comes.

This afternoon, I will have a phone call with a lady from Facebook. May God continue to help me to cultivate my little dream.

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