What a job (interview) means to me

Having interview with the top bank in the world gives me a lot confidence.

I received the interview notice on the beach of Sylt. One minute before I was still lack of confidence and full of sorrow, and had a black face because I feel my traveling pal doesn’t respect my schedule, but one minute later, I was as light as a bird.

The day I had interview was cold and cloudy. I was barely recovered from a cold. I had a cup of chai tea to battle the cold and wet. I arrived 30 minutes earlier but when I entered the meeting room 10 minutes earlier, the interviewers were already there waiting for me. This is way better than the treatment I have got from Morgan S, Facebook, BNP and Haitong. I answered the questions with 60 marks I felt but I made them laugh with my broken German, as suggested by Matt.

I was surprised by my timid on the street or in the shops of this country where I do not have a job. I feel like an outsider, and hesitate to spend money. A job has such great impact on my identity and confidence. This cause me to understand my parents more.


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