Learning German experience

Many people say German not an easy language to learn, I feel so. There are so many variation rules to memorise without a standardised pattern. But when I tried to say a “simple” sentence to my English-learning-beginner mom by avoiding all tenses and sentence restructuring, I realised I have actually “memorised a lot” of the rules during my learning of English since 7 years old.

Haha — Immediately I want to thank myself so much for the efforts memorising all the boring and unpredictable rules. Then I realised I should actually thank all the boring homework I have done. And finally I know the one I should thank is the university entry examination system which assigned 150/750 marks to this language.

Back to learning German, what experience I can borrow from my learning English? Or in other way, what I should learn from the young Jessica who was struggling learning English? I come to the following thoughts:

  1. Take the textbook seriously. Although it is much simple than the reference books, but it is the core sentences and carefully picked vocabulary. So set a highest standard on textbook, never let a single “awkward” sentence structure or “strange” word slip lightly.
  2. Memorise the paragraph of classical articles. It is painful because it takes reading the same sentence many times without the simulation of new information. Repeating is the key.  It is is only when I finally reciting the whole paragraph, I will be able to use the sentences from it.
  3. Never start reading magazine/watching TV in English too early. The ocean of new vocabulary will drown me and take away the confidence.

Haha, I have finished the warm-up and will learn my Der Die Das now! Bye2


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