my October gratitude attitude

  1. A more understanding husband who does not add any pressure on me during my job seeking days. Last year he was very harsh on my FRM exam preparations and kept me working very hard ($_$).
  2. Self-caring parents who do exercise and travel by themselves. They take good care of their body, mental and social health and I can tell they are really happy from the video calls.
  3. A sister at church who is from HK, she gave me her German textbooks and had lunch & chat with me. She has accompanied me and I can see her unconditional and no self-boasting love.
  4. A job which keeps me hopeful with bi-weekly phone call asking for patience for their result. As a result, I still have time to finish my Italien trip as planned.
  5. The freshly harvest pumpkins, golden, sweet and cheap, making perfect pumpkin porridge.
  6. A face which doesn’t grow fat proportionally to my body. So I can still look FINE on the portrait even I gained great weight. *_*



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